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Faith Circle

Leader: Diane Larsen


Faith Circle

What is Faith Circle’s Mission Statement? We have the faith to move mountains! Because of our faith in God, the Father, we want to love and serve others.

When do you meet? Faith Circle meets at the church on the third Thursday of the month, 10:00 a.m., April through November. (Locations and times may vary.) During the winter months we meet at a restaurant once a month to keep connected.

What do you do in your meetings? After a brief business meeting, we have devotions, a program, prayer, and refreshments. We also work on fundraisers for community outreach.

What kind of fundraisers do you have? We make apple pies and freeze them each fall. That is our most profitable fundraiser. They are delicious! We also contribute to local charities by providing gift baskets, usually with the “Faith” theme.

Is that it? Anything else? Yes, there is always a need in the church. We are involved! We serve during coffee time and provide cookies, help with church clean-up, prepare meals to take to those in need, the list is long! During Covid Faith Circle took on the mission of helping to update the women’s restroom.

How can I join? Come to our meetings on the third Thursday of the month. We will welcome you with open arms and you will be blessed with new friendships that last a lifetime, and you will be blessed knowing that you are serving God.